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Mastervolt ES Inverter Maximizes Energy Production Under Realistic Conditions

mastervoltAt Intersolar 2011 Mastervolt showcased the first member of the brand new SunMaster ES series with a power rating of 4.6 kW. The Mastervolt philosophy behind the ES range is to maximize annual yield under realistic conditions even if they are less favourable.

The ES 4.6 can start early in the morning and continue late at night because of a low self-consumption of less than 10 W and an intelligent start-up sequence, which extends the operating hours up to 40 minutes a day. An improved dynamic MPP tracking reduces overall tracking losses to below 0.2% in the whole range of climatic conditions, including partial shading.  A high system voltage reduces cable loss up to 75%. The peak efficiency reaches 97.5%, the EU efficiency 97.0%.

The devices of the ES series rarely stop feeding-in into the grid in the event of grid disturbances, which further increases the yield. The adaptive Optima Cooling ensures thermal stability and reduces the probability of power derating.

The ES concept is extremely versatile and is particularly easy to install and operate. Thanks to the wide input voltage range of 395-1000V the ES 4.6 can be used with a variety of PV modules, including all crystalline PV modules and numerous thin-film modules. The IP65-rated electronic housing offers protection against water and dust.

As with most other Mastervolt inverters, the ES 4.6 meets the German requirements on the reactive power performance of inverters. It is equipped with an AC plug for easy installation, integrated carrying handles, a bracket for wall mounting and a retractable communication module for easy cabling. Moreover, the ventilation module can be removed, making it easy to clean. Settings for over 20 countries have been pre-programmed. A large, intuitive display screen with a multimeter and a 30-day data logger makes the device complete.



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