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Megger has the right kit for Solar Testing

megger solar test kitTo provide electrical contractors with all the test equipment they need for installing, commissioning and fault finding solar power installations, Megger is offering two new high specification solar power test kits.

The PVK320 kit includes Megger’s new PVM210 solar irradiance meter together with an AVO410 true rms multimeter, and is ideal for working on domestic and small commercial installations, while the PVK330 kit, which is primarily intended for use on larger installations, includes the same irradiance meter but complements it with a DCM340 ac/dc clampmeter that can measure current up to 600 A. Both kits include test leads fitted with the MC4 connectors that are commonly used in solar power installations, as well as MC3 to MC4 adapter leads.

The PVM210 solar irradiance meter included in the kits is a compact pocket-sized instrument with the solar sensor mounted on its top surface. This makes it easy and convenient to use – one handed, if necessary – at the top a ladder or on a sloping roof. A reading hold function provides additional convenience especially when using the instrument in awkward locations, while the inclusion of a tripod bush means that the PVM210 can be used for making precision measurements in a specific direction or at a specific angle.

The PVM210 measures irradiance up to 1,999 W/m2 (634 BTU/ft2.hour) and can be used both as an aid to optimally positioning solar panels and, in conjunction with an ammeter, to verify the short-circuit current of the panels in line with the manufacturer’s specification.

The AVO410 digital multimeter featured in the PVK320 kit combines rugged yet compact construction with ease of use and a CAT IV 600 V safety rating in line with IEC 61010. Small enough to fit easily into the palm of the hand, the AVO410 measures DC voltage to 1,000 V, AC voltage to 750 V, and AC or DC current to 10 A. All AC ranges are true RMS.

In addition, the AVO410 offers resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges, as well continuity and diode test functions. MIN/MAX and display hold functions further enhance the usefulness of this versatile instrument in solar power applications.

The DCM340 digital clamp meter included in the PVK330 kits measures both ac and dc current up to 600 A and voltage up to 600 V and is, therefore, ideal for carrying out checks on the dc circuits associated with the solar panels, as well as for making ac measurements on the output side of the solar power system inverter. A key benefit is that, because the DCM340 is a clamp meter, current measurements are made without the need to make any direct electrical connections to the circuit under test.

The DCM340 is auto ranging, and it incorporates peak, maximum and minimum hold functions, which are an invaluable aid to tracing intermittent faults, and for monitoring the performance of solar installations over an extended period of time.

Megger’s new PVK320 and PVK330 test kits for solar power installations are supplied complete with a convenient and durable carrying case with ample space to accommodate the instruments and connecting leads.


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