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ABB Presenting New Advances in Solar Technology at Intersolar 2012

Intersolar 2012, the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry, will take place during June 13-15, 2012 in Munich, Germany. ABB will be participating and showing its comprehensive portfolio of products serving the solar power business.

New high-efficiency central inverter:
ABB central inverter, PVS800 sets the industry standard for high reliability, efficiency and ease of installation in large photovoltaic (PV) power plants. The inverter is available in 5 sizes from 100 kW up to the new 630 kW, and is optimized for cost-efficient multi-megawatt power plants. Using proven ABB components, the ABB central inverter gives maximum energy and feed-in revenues in a compact, modular design with a wide selection of connectivity options.

At Intersolar the PVS800 range, including newest offerings the 630 kW and 315 kW units, will be on display. In addition, the 630 kW demo cabinet will be shown for the first time ever. The new 630 kW central inverter has a high 98.6% maximum efficiency, with an improved efficiency at partial loads, providing Euro efficiency of 98.4%. It also offers a much wider operational temperature range, making it very suitable for hot temperature conditions. In addition, the newly-designed DC input section gives system integrators a flexible modular approach that is especially helpful when considering the DC cable type and the number of junction boxes needed.

New larger 1.25 megawatt station:
ABB megawatt station, PVS800-MWS is a turnkey solution and now comes in a higher 1.25 MW power rating which will be shown at Intersolar for the first time. The PWS800-MWS self-contained unit, that visitors will be able to examine directly, houses all electrical equipment needed to rapidly and easily connect a PV power plant to a medium voltage (MV) electricity grid.

The ABB megawatt station combines components from ABB’s proven product portfolio including central inverters, an optimized transformer, MV switchgear, monitoring system and DC connections from the solar array. This results in high total efficiency in a compact, modular and robust design which is easy to install and service.

All-in-one string inverter, now KNX compatible:
The ABB string inverter, PVS300 is an all-in-one solution that represents a big leap forward in PV inverter technology by combining all the best functions, features and protection in the single package. This user-friendly device provides high-efficiency and reliability while at the same time reducing the hassle, space requirements and total cost for system integrators, installers and users.

In a further market-leading advance, the PVS300 range is now compatible with KNX-based building automation systems. This gives true integration of PV power plant monitoring and diagnostics, as well as visualization of the plant data in the building automation systems.

Complete service offering:
ABB supports solar inverter customers in more than 60 countries and provides a complete range of life cycle services. ABB’s solar inverter care contract aims to maintain the inverter for up to 20 years.

A customer may select from two different service contracts: Preventive care, aimed at the entire life of the inverter, and Complete care, suitable for the product post-warranty period. These programs aim to take away the burden of maintenance from the customers, letting them focus on their core business to optimize revenue and cash flow from the plant.

Remote monitoring solutions:
Advanced remote monitoring tools for both central inverters as well as string inverters are available to enable PV system users to monitor, configure and analyze their systems from a distance. ABB’s web-based tools allow high-level tracking of all parameters of the plant performance, including current and historical data, via an internet web browser.

PLC AC500, fuses, circuit breakers and contactors:
All components for the solar industry from one supplier.

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