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H2Eco Launch “Eco Park" the Solar Car Port

H2Eco based in Poole, has designed an integrated parking solution, combining an architectural car parking canopy with an efficient solar photo-voltaic system.

And if you don’t need to power up your electric car, the system can be connected to the existing power supply, with the potential to save up to £530 annually on household energy bills.

“As a company we are passionate about renewable energy and always looking for pioneering ways to integrate green energy solutions into everyday life,” said company director Paul Bulli-more.

“Eco Park ticks lots of boxes, being a great alternative for homeowners who don’t want panels on their roof but would like to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, for vehicle manufacturers or those managing large municipal car parks.”

Manufactured from galvanised steel, it can be powder coated in a range of colours and Annette Brooke, MP for North Dorset and Mid Poole, who officially launched it, discovered it is already of interest to a number of electrical vehicle manufacturers.

H2Eco partner Mike Stephen-son said: “Already we have had interest from Westover Nissan who sell the popular Nissan Leaf fully electric car.”

Eco Park has the potential to generate 1,900 kW hours from a 1.8kw solar system, which could power up a Nissan Leaf to drive 8,000 miles a year, reducing carbon emissions and based on current petrol prices saving around £1,500 annually.

“For those who have invested in an electric car or are considering doing so, this is yet another step forward to being a green motorist,” said Mike.

“Even if you don’t drive an electric vehicle the solar car port can feed energy back into your home or business, which you can either use, thus substantially reducing your energy bills, or sell it back to the national grid, earning you money from the feed in tariff.”

The team is hoping to get involved with a number of local authorities or private car park management companies in order to see Eco Park installed on a larger scale.

Source: Daily Echo
By Diana Henderson

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