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William Dyer Electrical (UK) add Solar Photovoltaics to Energy Efficiency Services Portfolio

William Dyer Electrical now offers Solar PV as part of their extensive electrical energy efficiency range of services – an addition that provides significant energy savings and measurable payback timescales.

William Dyer Electrical (UK) Ltd, one of the UK’s leading commercial electrical contractors today announced a new Solar PV service which adds to their electrical energy efficiency services portfolio.

The announcement came as the successful electrical contractor achieved MCS Accreditation. The company’s team of Electrical Installers are now ‘MCS accredited solar panel installers’ enabling them to extend their service offering to include renewable energy technology installing PV systems from 1kw to 100kw.

Photovoltaics are a method for generating electrical power to convert energy from the sun into electricity using solar cells. Solar cells produce direct current electricity from light, which can be transformed into electrical energy to power equipment within domestic and commercial properties.

The manufacture of Solar PV has advanced rapidly in recent years due to the increasing demand for renewable energy sources. By including Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) to their portfolio, William Dyer Electrical (UK) Limited has broadened their scope and capability to assist organisations in making even larger savings in both energy and financial terms.

The company is fully accredited by the Renewable Energy Association (REAL) which means that they are committed to delivering a level of service that is of the highest standard. They are also a Carbon Trust Approved Supplier.

Managing Director William Dyer said:
“We are one of the country’s leading electrical energy efficiency contractors.  This means that clients know they are in safe and capable hands when choosing a contractor for Solar PV installation. We believe that clients choosing WM Dyer will receive the expertise and experience of an established electrical contractor, something that regular Solar PV installers cannot offer.”

He went on to say:
“With an expertise in electrical installations spanning more than two decades, our contractors have in-depth knowledge and experience of working on all types of all electrical installations. Our experienced team of contractors can work with you to reduce your energy bills and make substantial savings".


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