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AZUR SOLAR Launches Solar Web Shop for Installers and Dealers

Leading solar PV company AZUR SOLAR has just launched an online shop for installers that makes selecting and ordering components and kits significantly easier, quicker and also cheaper, particularly as an introductory offer means that MCS installers and registering will receive a £100 discount on their first order over £2,000.

AZUR Solar’s full range of proprietary products and components are now available to order online. This includes over 48 variants of its already popular Power Kits including landscape and portrait orientation which together meet the needs of nearly all home-owner roofs.  Both its unique AZUR 2P coated modules and the excellent standard 230-3 modules can also be ordered along with a full range of components including Power Mount Systems, cables and connectors, generation meters and AC/DC Isolators.  The web shop also includes competitive prices on Diehl Ako and SMA Sunny Boy inverters, all with 10 year warranty as standard and registered MSC approved installers can buy online at wholesale prices.

“Over the past 10 years the internet has radically changed the way that many businesses operate – we are therefore introducing our online store to enable installers to get the best deals on equipment possible and place their orders in a quick and convenient way,” explained Robert Markus Feldmann, Managing Director for AZUR Solar Systems Ltd. “Now an installer can simply order up the systems, kits or components they need for the their next job while onsite using a handheld device like an iPhone and we’ll pick everything they need to complete the installation and dispatch it to the customers’ address, ready for them to just arrive and install it.”


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