Eaton’s Bussmann Steps Up PV System Protection with New DC SPD Offer

DC surge protection devicesLaunched at this year’s Intersolar Europe, Eaton’s Bussmann business now offers a new range of DC surge protection devices (SPD) for use within 600Vdc or 1000Vdc PV systems.

This includes a high performance model designed specifically for 1000A short circuit current rating (ISCPV) applications typically found in large recombiners or central inverters.

Certified to EN 50539-11, the line up comprises Type 1&2, Type 2 High Performance and Type 2 devices that use metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology to ‘clamp’ the voltage, and divert transient voltage surges to earth. The standard Type 2 device offers 160A ISCPV, while the Type1&2 and Type 2 high performance models boast a 1000A ISCPV capability.

For increased operational efficiencies, the modular designs feature integrated fault indication that turns red, visually alerting the operator to whether the device has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced with a new module.

The option of remote contact signaling allows system operators to monitor the status of individual SPDs and pinpoint and replace any that have operated or reached the end of their life. Replacement units are available in each voltage and feature a module locking system with release buttons, saving both time and money by eliminating the need for tools and simplifying replacement.

Manufactured from tough thermoplastic, the SPDs can be used in most environments with an operational temperature range from -40°C to +80°C, making them especially suited to the harsh environments of PV installations.

Surge protection is necessary to protect solar PV installations, including sensitive associated electrical and electronic equipment, from overvoltage surges especially indirect lightning strikes that might otherwise damage them. Such surges and overvoltage conditions can result in immediate or cumulative equipment damage and possible premature failure. Bussmann’s new range of SPDs help prevent possible damage that might occur from such events.

The new SPD range is supported with a full suite of literature including product profile, product data and installation sheets. More information is available from

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