SPDs for DC protection of PV systems Up to 1500VDC and UL listed

STP T2 PVMersen Electrical Power is pleased to announce the launch of a surge protection device for 1500VDC, the Surge-Trap® STPT2-40K1500V-YPV(M).

This solution is part of the commitment to supporting product development and expansion of the solar market into 1500VDC systems. Mersen has a comprehensive portfolio of 1500VDC PV components, which includes string and NH style fuses, supporting fuse gear, surge protective devices (SPDs), power distribution blocks (PDBs), and switches.

“Some of our customers had been waiting for a supplier capable of certifying a 1500Vdc SPD to UL 1449. The challenge was taken up by our engineers, allowing for Mersen to be a market leader in this sense. This is a proof of our quest for supporting our partners into the developing PV market of 1500VDC”, states the Surge Protection IEC Product Manager, Gonzalo Fincheira.

All Surge-Trap® Pluggable PV solutions are reversible and they include the optimized dynamic thermal disconnection system. The 1500VDC SPD does therefore not require any back-up fuse, just like the 600VDC and 1000VDC models of the same series.


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