10x85 1500VDC Photovoltaic Fuses And Combined Fuse Holder From Mersen

US15M1HEL fuse holderThe DC rating of the solar PV farms is transitioning from 1000VDC to 1500VDC. Mersen Electrical Power has enlarged their HelioProtection® Program while launching a new range of 1500VDC fuse links for electrical protection of large PV systems. These fuses are 10x85mm cylindrical fuses.

This range of HP15M fuses lies from 5A to 32A current rating. They are designed to protect against even low fault circuits up to short-circuit currents. Their DC interrupting rating reaches 50kA.

US15M1HEL is an UltraSafe™ fuse holder with a high IP20 level of finger safe protection. This holder is designed to be fixed onto standard distribution bus bar. This feature eliminates the need of custom bus bar combs. This saves cost, time and facilitates the installation onto the electrical panel application.
This holder is a premium electrical power component. The body is made of leading UL94V0 plastic providing superior flammability rating with outstanding durability.

HP15M fusesThe combination of HP15M gPV fuses inside US15M1HEL premium holder provides electrical protection of both off-grid or grid-tied PV systems.

HelioProtection® is the brand name of the program of solutions specifically designed for solar power applications. This program encompasses: gPV-class fuses for both string and array protection and their holders, DC switches, Surge-Trap® Surge Protective Devices.


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