Mersen Presents Its Solutions For Photovoltaic Energy Production And Protection Of Storage Facilities

PV fusesMersen the worldwide independent leader in industrial fuses, innovates in providing protection and safety solutions for PV applications under HelioProtection® brand name.

Only a leading fuse designer and manufacturer has the ability to offer sustainable construction, increased power efficiency via low power losses and capabilities to interrupt low fault currents and to withstand demanding temperature cycles.

A complete protection offer for 1500VDC PV
Mersen Electrical Power has an extensive HelioProtection® program including numerous 1500 VDC overvoltage protection devices for the protection of large photovoltaic production facilities. These solutions are part of the commitment to support product development and the expansion of the solar energy market into 1500 VDC systems. Mersen's offer includes fuses and NH fuses, surge protection devices (SPDs), power distribution blocks (PDB) and DC switches. These overvoltage protection devices are suitable for all photovoltaic applications: large-scale DC and stand-alone (off-grid) installations.

Mersen also designed the Protistor® 1500 VDC high-speed fuse specifically for the protection of electric storage batteries. These fuses typically operate at a higher temperature than other types of fuses, have a lower I²t to minimize damage to protected components in short circuits, a lower wattage loss and longer service life. The design is supported by a standard 72 square-size case for DC fuses.

Overcurrent protection
Mersen enriches its offer of HelioProtection® gPV fuses for the protection of photovoltaic systems with two new sizes of NH-style gPV fuses: 1XL and 2XL fuses, from 50 to 250 A, specifically for low-power installations. These are characterised by a 20% reduction in heat-related energy loss, compared with other fuses of equivalent size.

HP15NH 3L, 1XL and 2XL fuses are installed on busbars or in a fuse holder. For ease of maintenance, Mersen has developed two types of fuse holder, one with an open base and the other protected against inadvertent contact. HelioProtection® range is compliant with IEC and UL standards. This range of HelioProtection® NH fuses lies from HP10NH (sizes 1 and 2) for 1000VDC, HP12NH (sizes 1XL, 2XL, 3L) for 1250VDC up to HP15NH (size 3L) for 1500VDC solar inverter input voltage. Mersen launches a new Crimp Cap termination, specially applied to the fuse ferrules of HP10M up to 60A.

Overcurrent protection for inverter & storage
Increasing demand for e-Mobility renewable energies and smart-grid, both Electric Vehicle (EV) and Electrical Energy Storage (EES) sectors are among the top fastest-growing industries in today’s electrical power markets. Mersen offers a wide spectrum of products and solutions covering all aspects of battery safety and power management.

EVpack-fuse (battery pack fuse) and M-fuse (battery module fuse) are ultra-fast-acting DC fuses designed to address specific needs in EV/HEV and battery storage systems. With complete protection from 100 up to 1000VDC and up to 600A with Minimum Breaking Capacity (MBC) < 3kA for a perfect matching with DC contactors, these fuse have been fully tested in DC conditions to guarantee fast and reliable protection for large fault currents.

Innovation with Xp and XS-ES
Mersen’s χs-ES Power Relay has been engineered to provide high DC switching performance versus conventional mechanical power relays. These series address DC-applications like Electrical Energy Storage, PV installations and other DC-Smart Grid. χs-ES provide maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate DC operation performance. This Power Relay is a Hybrid technology with the capability of switching both high voltage and high current, designed specifically for electrical vehicle applications.

Xp product line-up is part hybrid DC Over-Current Protection (O.C.P.) range developed by Mersen. Xp features a high cycling performance DC protection device that can clear both high and low-fault current at 1,000 VDC in less than 1 ms, providing maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate protection. They have been engineered to provide protection for DC applications: Battery Energy Storage, EV/HEV, Smart-grid, PV installations, etc. The Xp system is composed of a fast acting pyro element, controlled by a gate current, plus a parallel clearing element. This protection meets custom requirements of very fast operating time and very high overload current.

Overvoltage protection Plug in & Din rail
Mersen launches plug-in surge protection for PCBs. SB PCB is the series of socket bases that allows for integration of Mersen’s pluggable IEC surge protection cartridges directly on printed circuit boards. These surge cartridges will be easily replaceable upon reaching end of life. SB PCB is an optimal solution for the industry of power electronics: inverters, converters, control panels for railway, PV combiner boxes, machines, OEM equipment… Key benefits are cost efficiency, space efficiency, no wiring and optimal voltage protection of sensitive electronics.


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