Photovoltaic Sets Offer Surge Voltage Protection for Multi-String Systems

Photovoltaic SetsThe new PV sets from Phoenix Contact for multi-string inverters reliably protect photovoltaic systems with two or three independent strings against surge voltages up to 1000 V DC.

State-of-the-art inverters control the maximum energy yield via several MPP trackers (Maximum PowerPoint). The trackers optimally adapt the electrical parameters of the complete PV system to the prevailing solar radiation conditions of the individual strings, so that the maximum yield can be achieved from the modules.

With the new device connection boxes for multi-string PV systems, every individual MPP tracker of an inverter is protected against damage due to surge voltages, therefore securing continuous generation of energy. The completely pre-wired PV sets are accommodated in installation-friendly housings with IP65 protection and equipped with Sunclix PV connectors from Phoenix Contact. Versions are available for inverters with two or three MPP trackers.

Phoenix Contact

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