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Clynder Cables Launch Solaflex™ PV Cable

Solaflex™ PV CableManchester based Clynder Cables Ltd. are launching their Solaflex™ PV (Photovoltaic) Cable after an anticipated increase in market demand.

With increasing environmental awareness for alternative energy sources as well as the recent increase in energy prices, Clynder Cables foresee a growing demand for alternative energy sources in the next few years. While there have been reductions by the Government in the FITs (Feed in Tariff scheme), they believe there remains incentive for homeowners and businesses to install Solar Panels, especially as the cost of solar panel installation has almost halved over the last three years as well as the availability of free installation schemes.

In 2010 the government introduced the FITs Feed in Tariff scheme to allow anybody generating renewable electricity the ability to feed excess electricity back into the grid and receive an approximately 8% return on the energy they generated.

FITs offer a guaranteed return on investment over a long period of time. This has led to the entry of venture capitalists, utility companies and other large organisations into the PV market. These large players are capitalising on this huge investment opportunity by building solar farms and offering PV Solar installations to the domestic market.

This strategy has transformed a cottage industry into the fastest growing market in the UK, and the growth is expected to continue for the next 10 years.

Clynder Cables have therefore developed Solaflex™ in order to meet the appropriate requirements needed of an outdoor high performance PV cable.

About Solaflex™
Solaflex™ is constructed of a single core, flexible tinned copper wire (TCW) class 5 conductor with a UV resistant double insulation of LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) compound. This makes it extremely durable against outdoor weather conditions.

Available in black, brown and grey, Solaflex is manufactured specifically for PV installations and is manufactured to meet UK requirements.

As the market is still in relative infancy, no official standards yet exist, although a UK standard is expected to be brought out in the coming year. In Germany and France there are additional documents for guidance, but these are not full standards.

As a UK manufacturer Clynder Cables have followed market leading guidelines but also made the cable more relevant to the UK market in terms of colour, as best practice would be to use brown and grey cable, eliminating the need to tag cables for identification purposes. For installers who require black PV cable, Clynder Cables also offer this as a standard product.

Solaflex is entirely British made, manufactured in Manchester, UK.

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