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University of Bedfordshire Files Ground-breaking Patent

The patent, based on a new technique for powering electronic devices by using alternative energy sources, was developed by Professor Ben Allen from the University of Bedfordshire’s Computer Science and Technology Department with help from colleagues David Jazani and Tahmina Ajmal.

The patent is associated with the field of energy harvesting, which is the process by which energy is derived from an external source, such as solar or wind energy.

Every year in the UK, between 20,000 and 30,000 tonnes of batteries are disposed of in landfill sites. This figure can be reduced by using alternative energy sources to power electronic devices in place of batteries. Energy harvesting can be used to power devices smaller than mobile telephones or as large as telecommunications satellites.

Professor Allen said: “I am thrilled that our research into power harvesting has paved the way for this ground-breaking patent filing. The emerging area of power harvesting technology promises to reduce our reliance on conventional batteries and with it offer positive environmental, economic and social impact.

“We are excited to be working in this fast-developing area of science and technology and are planning to develop our power harvesting research further.”

Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University Professor Carsten Carsten Maple said: “The University of Bedfordshire is committed to supporting innovation and enterprise, recognising the importance of green issues in today’s world, such as reducing the UK’s carbon footprint, saving energy and targeting pollution.

“This patent also demonstrates one of the ways in which we are supporting and utilising our in-house knowledge and expertise - as well as our applied research portfolio - to make a difference to, and impact on, real-world problems.

“This type of work is a reflection of the University’s growing reputation and experience in conducting innovative research and delivering practical solutions of local, national and international significance.”

The University’s Innovation Director Wesley Randle added: “This is an important milestone of commercial maturity for the University of Bedfordshire and a further step to realising the benefits of our in-house ‘know-how’ and expertise. Our creative academics from cross-disciplines are working together to convert their research ideas into tangible products.”

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