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New Organic Photovoltaic Window Glass Project

This one year project will target the development of industrial processes for organic electronic devices. The particular focus will be large area coating methods for building integrated organic photovoltaics.

Organic semiconductors are a low cost class of functional materials that promise a method to fabricate thin, lightweight, flexible and semitransparent photovoltaic cells for integration in the built environment. Deployment of these new photovoltaic devices as retrofit to existing windows and cladding, or as part of new build projects will provide a simple method for capturing solar energy at point of use.

Several technological barriers are still to be overcome in the industrialisation of organic photovoltaic devices. However, through collaborations like this one, where commercial factors are considered as an integral part of the project, these barriers can be overcome quickly and effectively.

As well as Solvay and The University of Sheffield, project partners include PolySolar, Pilkington, PETEC and Ossila.

Dr Alastair Buckley

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