Kalzip’s AluPlusSolar and SolarClad Solutions Gain MCS Approval

Kalzip AluPlusSolar solar panels are the first to enable truly roof-integrated renewable power generation using flexible photovoltaic (PV) laminates, while providing maximum freedom of creativity for challenging architecture.

A wide variety of designs can be accommodated, as the solar laminate is permanently attached to aluminium Kalzip standing seam sheets. This integrated system allows individually designed roof elements with straight, convex, or concave shapes.

Without the need for mounting frames, the solar cells are in-plane with the roof surface and convey a unique expressive character. The PV laminates can blend unobtrusively into the Kalzip roof profile or become a design feature.

Kalzip SolarClad
Kalzip SolarClad is a non-integrated alternative that provides a retro-fit solution for installations on existing structures or new new-build developments.

The photovoltaic (PV) laminates consist of extremely robust amorphous silicon thin-film modules attached to aluminium carrier panels, to ensure high quality and fast installation.  The panels can be installed on any Kalzip standing seam system without penetrating the roof and can also be conventionally mounted on other system elements, such as trapezoidal sheets.

The lightweight units are suitable for most roof shapes, giving architects and engineers maximum design freedom.


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