BISOL Introduces The New Generation Of Its Bestselling Flat Roof Mounting System

The new generation of BISOL EasyMount ALU Base mounting solution for commercial flat roof installations just became one of the most cost effective, fastest and easiest mounting solutions on the market.

The new ALU Base is a universal solution that will reduce the installation time and manual work for the installers, while enabling them to deliver their projects on a tight budget. The latest addition to the BISOL EasyMount range of fixing structures arrives just in time for the Solar Energy UK trade show in Birmingham.

BISOL product engineers have closely monitored customer needs and responded with a product that is designed to fit most module types, lightweight, reliable, and helps the installer to complete an installation in shortest time possible. The numerous technical advances in the design of the product contributed to reducing the number of component parts. These come pre-assembled to reduce the tools required and to keep assembly on the roof to a minimum. Consequently the PV modules can be installed in 3 simple steps: 1) laying out the profiles, 2) attaching the pre-assembled A-frames and 3) placing the modules. The redesigned BISOL EasyMount ALU Base is supported with a wider profile which reduces the pressure onto the roof surface and enables the structure to stand freely. Additional stabilization can be achieved by placing ballast pans and windshields. Spacing between rows can be easily adjusted depending on geographical location, specific customer preferences or desired energy yields. BISOL has also looked into improving the transport of the bases and has designed an economical packaging which significantly reduces transportation costs due to light-weight and stackable components. All the improvements to the previous ALU Base have been thoughtfully implemented with the intention to simplify installation, making it truly one of the most installer-friendly, time-efficient and easy-to-work with aluminium flat-roof mounting systems on the market.

The ALU Base is universally usable in most geographical areas with snow loads up to 2.40 kN per square meter and wind speeds of up to 115 km/h (71 mph). It requires no roof penetration and can be used on all flat-roof surfaces covered with bitumen, gravel or synthetic membrane, with a pitch of up to 5°. The modules can be fixed onto the bases in landscape orientation at various incline angles, with the standard solutions delivered in 12.5°, 20° or 30° inclination. The ALU Twin Base, an east-west facing counterpart to the standard south-facing solution, is designed to mount the modules at a 10° angle.

BISOL offers a 10-year product warranty to guarantee the quality and durability of its entire BISOL EasyMount product range including the new ALU Base. Customers can generate a complete component list including required quantities for a specific project in just a few easy clicks, by using the free online application BISOL EasyTool, accessible through your internet browser. BISOL’s engineering team is on stand-by to provide individual customer support in form of complimentary project design drawings and calculations for windshields and ballasting.


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