Ubbink solar solutions, fixing kits for in-roof, on-roof and flat-roof

These solutions have been designed around the Ubbink photovoltaic panel and can integrate with any other manufacturers panels.

In-roof Kits
The In-Roof or integrated system allows panels or modules to be placed between tiles to provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Tiles are removed from the roof and overlapping HDPE sheets are placed directly on the battens to ensure a watertight finish. Specially designed anchors and metal rails are mounted on top of the plastic plates to hold the solar modules.

On-roof Kits
Ubbink provide an on-roof mounting systems that will support any size and make of PV Module.

The system includes patented height adjustable module clamps which fit all framed modules with 35-50mm frames. Fitted on top of an existing roof, less material is required and so costs are kept to a minimum. The newly developed quick clamp system allows for easier adjustment of the modules and significant reduction in the installation time.

Flat-roof Kits
The Ubbink patented flat roof mounting system is an innovative solution specially designed for use on flat roofs without penetrating the roof.

Installation is quick and easy; simply mount the profiles onto the solar panel, add ballast such as gravel or concrete and fix the solar panel into the console. The system is manufactured from maintenance free, chlorine free, recycled polyethylene and is equipped with integrated channels for cable routing.

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