Icopal New Icosun PV Mounting System

ICOSUN Console is a revolutionary mounting system, which has recently been launched by Icopal, the World’s leading producer of roofing and waterproofing membranes.

The system has been specially developed for installing rigid photovoltaic panels on flat roofs (up to a 10 degree roof pitch) with waterproofing membranes.

The ICOSUN Console system is suited to both new build and retrofit projects, and allows for both flat and pitch mounting to create optimum PV performance. It is designed to support all common types of rigid PV panels (framed and unframed). In addition, the system can be used with virtually any type of waterproofing membrane, including bitumen, POCB, PVC or TPO roofing, and is suitable for concrete, timber, and steel decks and decks with rigid thermal insulation board. Furthermore, the ICOSUN Console system is compatible with Icopal bituminous and synthetic waterproofing membranes.

The installation of the lightweight ICOSUN Console system is extremely simple and safe. Installation of the system is performed without any membrane cutting, which removes the need to compromise the watertightness of the roof.

The key part of the system is the ICOSUN FIX Console, which consists of a stainless steel plate measuring 40x40cm, with an integrated weathering collar. It is designed to provide high mechanical strength with minimal weight. The FIX Console will support snow loads and resist wind uplift forces without creating stress on the existing membrane. The FIX Console boasts a factory sealed weathering collar in a compatible waterproof membrane, so that it can be bonded directly to the existing waterproofing. In order to accommodate thermal expansion, the frame support cradle, mounted on top of the FIX Console, allows free movement in the horizontal plane.

Phil Singleton, Product Manager at Icopal commented. “The is an exciting product and fantastic edition to Icopal’s sustainable solutions offering. The ICOSUN Console system provides a number of benefits to the installer and is extremely adaptable in terms of working with most common types of PV panels and roof surfaces. The result is a system with optimum flexibility.”

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