Roofers specify Sandtoft's PV48 for their own homes

In order to showcase the very latest roofing materials to potential customers, roofing contractors ACT Roofing turned to Sandtoft.

With 30 years experience in the roofing industry, Andy Ferguson established his own company, ACT Roofing in 2004. Eight years on and with a team of eight staff, Andy and his business partner Craig Kilner wanted to showcase the very latest roofing products to their customers whilst at the same time giving their staff hands-on experience of next generation materials.

Having used a number of bolt-on solar products on past roofing projects, Andy and Craig wanted an integrated system with a strong aesthetic appearance and effective performance for their own homes in Leeds and Barnsley. Sandtoft’s PV48 solar roofing system ticked those boxes.

Andy said: “Having looked at various options in the solar market, I found Sandtoft’s PV48 product matched and even exceeded what I was looking for. The panels sit perfectly with the look of the house, without compromising its character.

“By putting a photovoltaic roofing system on my own home, I hoped to give customers the opportunity to see first hand how the product looks and works, as well as how the system is fitted into the roof. It also acts as showcase to demonstrate the quality of work ACT Roofing performs on a day-to-day basis.”

Andy used 21 panels – each measuring 1.4 sq m - built into the roof and integrated with Sandtoft’s Calderdale concrete tiles. The PV48 incorporates black photovoltaic panels with matching, easy-to-fit flashings that enable the system to integrate with virtually all types of slate or tile. As it is designed for installation by roofing contractors, all of Andy’s employees attended a training course run by Sandtoft which enabled them to fit the system with speed and ease. Sandtoft also provided on-site support when ACT installed PV48 to Andy’s property, to ensure it the system was fitted correctly.  

The training involves the use of a ‘template’ for setting out the roof, which enables the roofer to correctly position the counter battens and fixing brackets that the solar panels will be fitted on to.

Following the setting out, the flashings are fitted. These have been designed so that the roofers can simply flash the area where the panels are going to be installed. The flashings are very similar to those used for fitting roof windows, so are familiar to roofing contractors.

This means the risk of poor workmanship and subsequent weatherproofing problems are significantly reduced.

The roof is tiled after the flashings have been fitted and because the roofers can stand in the area which is designated for the panels, they have better access to the roof making it easier for them to complete the tiling. The panels are then quickly and simply installed at the end of the roofing process.

The installation is completed by connecting the solar panels with simple push fit connectors and passing a pair of cables through the underlay into the roof space for later connection by the electrical contractor. PV48 includes the appropriate inverter to complete the connection of the solar system to the building’s grid-supplied electrical system.

“As the homeowner on this project I’m really pleased with the end result,” added Andy. “The speed with which the system is fitted, its effectiveness, performance and aesthetics are all genuine strong points. With my business hat on, having this product on my home offers us a fantastic resource to demonstrate the power of solar.”

Following the installation, both Andy and Craig have received a number of enquiries and recently won a contract to add 21 panels of PV48 with concrete double pantiles to a residential property in the local area.

The PV48 solar system is MCS accredited and available with ‘RoofSpec’ which guarantees that the roof will remain weatherproof for at least 15 years when the system is designed and installed in accordance with Sandtoft’s specification.

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