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Solar South West Sheds Light on New Energy Efficiency Initiative

One of the UK’s leading independent solar PV companies has installed a revolutionary new energy management system that could help the renewable sector grow its share of the energy market.

Solar South West Limited, based in Somerset, will use Critical Software Technologies’ state-of-the-art EMS platform to help remotely manage and monitor key assets across multiple sites. EMS will be integrated across a number of Solar South West’s UK sites, providing live performance insights that will enable the company to optimise the energy output from its solar farms.

EMS is a powerful tool designed for companies that manage wind, solar, small-hydro, biomass and other energy producing plants, supporting the renewable sector’s increasing contribution to the UK energy network. EMS provides intelligent insights that improve the reliability, availability and efficiency of renewable companies’ critical assets and systems. This enables renewable energy companies to more effectively manage their resources, operations and maintenance programmes, achieving greater energy yields from existing infrastructure.  

Solar South West is also planning to make use of EMS’s data insights so that customers can view and interact with useful operational information, such as daily energy production figures, maintenance records and work orders.

Nicholas Keeler, Managing Director at Solar South West, said: “The maintenance and operational needs of solar farm plants are quite demanding. We use some of the renewable sector’s most advanced technologies and assets. Optimising their performance is crucial in ensuring energy output targets are met. EMS allows us to quickly and accurately monitor, manage and report on our important assets on a live basis. This will allow us to offer a better level of service to our customers by ensuring a continuously efficient solar installation.”

Simon Kampa, Managing Director of Critical Software Technologies said: “We’re delighted to be working with Solar South West to enhance their Solar PV generation capabilities. As assets in the renewables sector increase in both their number and complexity, the importance of being able to remotely monitor performance, around the clock, becomes more important than ever. EMS is a powerful tool that will help to increase the cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of using renewable resources, helping to secure the sector’s future growth.”

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