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Monitoring Software for Photovoltaic System from Phoenix Contact

PV Monitor+ Phoenix Contact now offers monitoring software for photovoltaic systems. PV Monitor+ is designed for systems up to 500 KW and to interact with standardised and robust industrial components from Phoenix Contact.

No programming knowledge is required in order to operate a monitoring system with the software. The system operator is automatically notified in the event of an error and can react promptly, in order to secure the yields of the photovoltaic system for the long term.

The most recent voltages and currents of the photovoltaic systems are recorded using suitable measuring modules and are transmitted to a communication module. From there, the measured data is transmitted to a pre-programmed, modular small-scale controller where this data is continually evaluated. If the string currents deviate from an adjustable measure set by the user via the web interface, an alarm in the form of an SMS is sent to the system operator.

The monitoring system can be individually adapted to the size of the system, thanks to the PV Monitor+ software. After installing the hardware, parameterising the controller is necessary. This takes place via an Ethernet connection, for example from the computer.

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