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The Perfect Design for your PV System with PLATINUM SolarConfig V4.0.0

When you have decided on a certain solar module and know how much solar modules you can accomodate, then you can select the most suitable PLATINUM inverter. Diehl AKO provides the "SolarConfig" software free of charge to help you with this decision.

This software not only helps to select the PLATINUM inverter types, it also helps to determine the number of strings and thus the number of PLATINUM inverters.

You will find your solar module in a large database. If you are using a special module not yet included in the list, you can simply enter the required data yourself.

You can download the SolarConfig program from the download site under "Software - "SolarConfig_V4.0.0.exe".
After downloading and starting the program, the software will install itself on your PC.

The software requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This program is available on most newer PC operating systems.



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