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Danfoss SolarApp – real time monitoring in record time

The Danfoss SolarApp lets installers and owners access live production data in real-time, directly from the inverter – anywhere anytime. It’s also easy to set up and use.

Downloading and activating the Danfoss SolarApp is simplicity itself and the app is designed for use on smartphones, tablets or a PC internet browser.  

Available from the AppStore or Android market, the SolarApp is activated by creating a new account or signing in to an existing one. Users are then directed to the CLX “discovery page” where the CLX Home is automatically listed and other features including currency, language and date/time preferences.  

A further advantage of the Danfoss SolarApp is that no extra, often clumsy, hardware is needed in the home to display the data, as the interface is already around, in the form of a smartphone, tablet or PC screen.  

“After setting up the SolarApp to a smartphone, it was fast to download the app to my customer’s PC. Without any extra configuration, the same data and preferences appeared. Immediately we started getting live readings,” says Udo Dittelbach,CEO of SWG (Service and Monitoring (subsidiary og SPR) .  

With the SolarApp’s main screen automatically updated every 1 minute, it can be effectively used as an attractive “live”display. A simple and uncluttered screen keeps track of production, revenue and saved Co2emission, giving a real time - rather than a historical - visualisation of the savings generated by the installation.

“It was interesting to point out to my customer that during the short time it took to set up the SolarApp, they had generated 17 Danish Kroner’s of electricity. It’s a very convincing tool, both for customers to confirm the performance of their installation and for installers or sales people to demonstrate real time savings to new customers based on real time data from other nearby plants which they have installed,” says Udo Dittelbach.

The Danfoss SolarApp is designed for use with CLX Home, CLX Home GM, CLX Standard and CLX Standard GM boxes.  


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