BISOL Introduces the 285 Wp PeakPerformance PV Module

BISOL’s new high-powered 285 Wp PV module is introduced to the market to meet the demand of residential home owners for more power on size-restricted roof surfaces.

BISOL PeakPerformance series monocrystalline modules guarantee one of the best available efficiencies at low irradiation (200 m2/W) resulting in more power output on dull or overcast days.

With the solar industry in the UK increasing deployment of  small-commercial and residential installations there is a strong demand for products that meet the unique expectations of the residential market which is estimated to account for 0.5 GW installed power annually according to some analysts. The 4 kWp solar installations, which currently receive the highest FIT, represent a unique market with a different set of preferences when it comes to power, quality and design. With this in mind BISOL PeakPerformance modules were designed to offer an alternative to the less powerful 250 Wp modules and the pricier 300 plus Wp modules, providing a perfect compromise in terms of power and price. A 4 kW solar system can now be installed with fourteen 285 Wp BISOL PeakPerformance modules at a lower premium than usual for high power modules and additional cost saving achieved by reduced labour time and mounting material.
In addition to the 285 Wp module, 280 and 290 Wp power alternatives are available to give greater flexibility in system design. The BISOL PeakPerformance series has a module efficiency of 17.7% and is manufactured with antireflective glass for improved light absorption. The entire module range is MCS certified and will be produced in a strict quality controlled EU manufacturing environment according to the highest industry standards granting the owners all the advantages of top European quality products such as proven longer service-life, higher efficiency and premium quality materials.  

BISOL PeakPerformance modules exhibit excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics. They come with strictly positive power output tolerances of up to 5 W and are free from potential induced degradation (PID free). The modules exhibit excellent resistance to salt water mist according to IEC 61701 standard and are ideal for installation in the coastal areas. The light-weight and sturdy design ensures the modules are resistant to hailstone and can endure at least 5,400 Pa nominal load.

BISOL PV modules are renowned for their attention to aesthetic appearance. The PeakPerformance modules can be produced in a discreet and elegant all-black design or with transparent back sheet for applications which require transmittance of natural light.

98.8% efficiency at low irradiation measured by the IEC certification body
The BISOL PeakPerformance monocrystalline modules were submitted to a new round of IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certificate testing. The results showed a negligible 1.2% decrease in efficiency at 200 W/m2 irradiation compared to standard test conditions, guaranteeing high energy yields even in low light conditions.

Almost no degradation after 20 years of operation
During the IEC certification the modules had to undergo damp heat and thermal cycling tests. After a 1,000-hour cycle (equivalent to 20 years of real-life operation) the power decrease of the PeakPerformance modules stayed within the tolerances of the measuring devices leaving them unable to detect any degradation, reaffirming the extremely long service-life of BISOL modules.

Industry leading warranties
The undisputable reliability and quality of BISOL products is backed up by BISOL’s 25-year Linear performance warranty which guarantees no more than 0.5 % annual decrease in power output and 85% power output by the end of the 25th year. This means 6.25% more guaranteed power than the average industry linear warranty. In addition there is also a 10-year product warranty in place for all modules.

BISOL runs its UK operations from its offices in Croydon engaging a sales team which is devoted to provide a personalized customer support. BISOL PeakPerformance modules and other premium quality solar products are available through BISOL’s various UK distribution partners.

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