BISOL Launches Its New 72 Cell XL Module

European PV module producer introduces its new product series of larger size photovoltaic modules with 72 cells and 16.9% module efficiency as the optimal cost vs efficiency solution ideal for the commercial rooftop and utility-scale markets.

BISOL XL modules drive profitability by allowing more installed power on a smaller surface area, while lowering the cost of labour and mounting material,  without compromising on quality.

BISOL XL module range will be available in peak powers ranging from 310Wp to 330Wp for monocrystalline modules and from 300Wp to 320Wp for polycrystalline modules. All options have strictly positive power output tolerances of up to 5 W. These powerful yet relatively lightweight modules exhibit similar mechanical resistances as the standard 60-cell alternatives. At 22kg, the XL module has the same weight loading as the standard 60 cell module at 11.3kg/m2 and is certified to withstand nominal load of 5,400 Pa to endure high wind and snow.”

The entire module range is MCS certified and will be produced in a strict quality controlled EU manufacturing environment according to the highest industry standards ensuring all the advantages of top European quality products such as proven longer service-life, higher efficiency and premium quality materials. The modules are free from potential induced degradation (PID free) and exhibit excellent resistance to salt water mist according to IEC 61701 standard making them ideal for installation in the coastal areas.

Customers requesting a little bit more from their solar installations will be able to choose among different designs in addition to the standard blue modules. These range from the elegant all-black modules or the Spectrum  modules that can match a specific roof colour, to solutions with transparent back sheet for applications which require transmittance of natural light.

BISOL reinforces the undisputable reliability and quality of BISOL products by offering an industry leading 25-year Linear performance warranty which guarantees no more than 0.5 % annual decrease in power output and 85% power output by the end of the 25th year. This means 6.25% more guaranteed power than the average industry linear warranty. The product warranty extension from 10 to 20 years will also be availble for BISOL XL series.

BISOL Group will launch the new XL module series simultaneously in all its markets. The modules will be on display for the first time at the Solar Energy UK exhibition in Birmingham in October.


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