Panasonic Upgrades European HIT® Product Guarantee to 15 Years

The product guarantee extension comes after Panasonic continues to record strong reliability across its photovoltaic Module HIT® range in Europe.

Since 2003, the company has sold over 3.7 million panels across the region, with a record low claim rate below 0.005%. The extension to 15 years comes after over 5 years of monitored reliability since Panasonic moved from 5 to 10 years of product guarantee. This shows once again, that Panasonic’s guarantee promise to installers and end users is not trivial, but a result of calculated risk and confidence in their products’ quality.

By upgrading its HIT® product guarantee, Panasonic is providing additional benefit to residential and commercial solar installers across Europe, supplementing unrivalled high performance with renowned quality and reliability assurance on its high efficiency panels.

“As a solar manufacturer, we continually strive to provide installers with increasing value across our high efficiency photovoltaic modules,” commented Daniel Roca, Senior Business Developer at Panasonic. “Backed by 40 years of experience in the PV business and, most crucially, absolute control of every step in our solar manufacturing process, we've been able to improve and optimise all aspects of our product quality and reliability. As a result, we’re able to confidently supply the European market with our highest level of guarantee throughout 2016 and beyond.”

The product guarantee announcement follows the recent launch of Panasonic’s powerful HIT® N330 at Solar Energy UK 2015, which produces approximately 27% more kilowatt-hours per square meter compared to mainstream 260-watt multicrystalline modules. The N330 joins the company’s existing N245 and N285, providing European installers with a comprehensive, high efficiency photovoltaic Module portfolio and optimised solutions for residential roofs of every type across the region.

“In alignment with improving all areas of our product quality and reliability, as demonstrated through our product guarantee extension, Panasonic’s foundation is built on delivering customer value through our constant drive to improve our technological offerings through innovation,” Roca added. “The N330 represents the latest technology achievement from Panasonic and delivers customers, including both installers and end-users, with an industry-leading, high efficiency photovoltaic Module solution for roofs applicable to a variety of specifications.”


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