SG SOLAR SUNEKA® PV Module Obtains MCS Certification

SAINT-GOBAIN SOLAR, one of the leading players on PV solar market, sets out to enter UK market. Launched in 2011, the framed module SG Solar Suneka® receives the internationally recognised MCS certificate.

SAINT-GOBAIN SOLAR panels are thus certified as particularly suitable for use in systems along coastal areas and are provided with incentives under the UK feed-in tariff system, the clean energy cash back scheme .

The MCS certificate is awarded by the BRE Global body (Building Research Establishment), and certifies that the  SG Solar Suneka®  panels comply with all approval conditions for their sale in the UK. The British certification mark is an independent, internationally recognised symbol of product quality and safety . In addition to strict product tests, the certification process also involved inspection and certification of the production facilities themselves.  During the certification process, BRE Global didn’t just prove the quality of the products, but also inspected and certificated the equipment of the production .

Before obtaining BRE certification, the SG Solar Suneka®  panels had already passed the German certification body TÜV Rheinland’s  salt spray test. This means these SG Solar Suneka® panels are specifically suitable for use in coastal areas,  as they offer particularly effective resistance to salt water and salt spray.  In addition to the SAINT-GOBAIN SOLAR Powermax®  module already certified MCS in December 2010 , this certification of the SG Solar Suneka® panel fits the SAINT-GOBAIN SOLAR strategy to strengthen its presence on the European PV market with internationally high quality products.

The first  SG Solar Suneka® framed, crystalline photovoltaic module is branded Saint Gobain Solar and benefits of high performances and of an exclusive product warranty, not so common on the European market.

SG Solar Suneka® is compatible with any type of mounting system  used on the European PV market. Thanks to all its qualities, the SG SOLAR SUNEKA framed module is suitable for single and multi-family residential buildings  as well as commercial and industrial buildings . SG Solar Suneka® exists in three different types : 60 or 72 monocrystalline cells, and 60 polycrystalline cells, for a power range of 185 Wp to 245 Wp and an output of around 15%.

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