Romag Expands Product Range To Give Customers More Choice

UK based PV manufacture Romag has added two new additions to its specialist range of MCS accredited solar PV products, giving customers more choice and flexibility.

In addition to the current 48, 54 and 60 cell modules, Romag’s standard module range now includes a 72 cell module to give power output of 290wp. This means that larger commercial installations can be achieved with fewer panels, saving on installation costs and time.

The highly popular roof integrated range now also includes RI6(21) which means that the range has been expanded to include a competitively priced 80W panel.

Phil Murray, newly appointed Managing Director of Romag, said: “These new additions to our product range are based on customer feedback and reflect the needs of the market moving forward.

“Romag is committed to providing high quality, UK manufactured products and we will continue to innovate and come up with new and exciting developments both now and in the future.”

Romag plans to continue to improve and grow its business building on its reputation as an industry leader.

A veteran in the industry and one of only two PV assembly companies in the UK, Romag is trusted world wide to provide PV panels to meet the extensive needs of its diverse customer base.

Suitable for a wide range of projects, including new build and retrofit housing, all Romag’s PV panels are MSC accredited guaranteeing quality and compliance with the government legalisation required to claim the Feed in Tariff.