LG Electronics Extends Product Warranties For Solar Modules To 25 years (2)

LG Electronics has announced the extension of product warranties from 15 to 25 years. Modules included are the LG MonoX Plus, LG NeON 2, LG NeON 2 Black and LG Neon 2 BiFacial, as well as the LG Neon R.

The guarantee provides further incentives for prospective customers and highlights LG’s commitment to quality solar modules.

LG has also made further guarantees: for the first year of ownership of LG MonoX Plus and the LG NeON 2 modules, power output will drop by no more than 2 per cent. From the second year onwards, power is guaranteed to not decrease by more than 0.5 per cent per year on average. Therefore, by the end of the 25th year the power output will be at least 86 per cent of its original value.

The LG NeON R, which already has a product warranty of 25 years, also now has a performance guarantee. Again, power output is guaranteed to not drop by more than 2 per cent in the first year. For the remaining 24 years output will not decrease by more than 0.4 per cent. Therefore, at the end of the 25th year the output is will be least 88.4 per cent of the output specified on the module at sale.

Outstanding quality and high performance

LG modules go through rigorous testing throughout the production process, including being tested four times as required by the IEC standard. As a result, they meet the strictest quality criteria that enable LG to offer industry leading product warranties.

"The modules from LG Solar combine a sophisticated design with high-performance PV technology. Thanks to further improvements in production, LG now offers a product guarantee of 25 years for all solar modules. This gives our customers and partners an even greater degree of investment security," explains Michael Harre, Vice President of the EU Solar Business Group at LG Electronics Germany. "We are proud to be able to underpin our quality promise again with tangible measures."

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