Premium High-efficiency Monocrystalline Panels Focus on Reliability

Mitsubishi Electric has expanded the range of premium high-efficiency monocrystalline Photovoltaic (PV) modules which combine a 120-cell configuration with the company’s unique lower resistance 4-busbar cells to offer increased efficiencies and reliability.

Adding to the PV-MLT255HC range, the 260HC and 265HC modules feature a black frame to lower the visual impact and include a double corrosion resistant frame coating which allows the modules to be installed even in high-saline areas.

Mitsubishi Electric’s experience of PV dates back to the 1970’s and the company is one of the few manufacturers that build all of the individual components themselves in their Japanese manufacturing plants – this includes the cells and the modules – and ensures high quality, performance and reliability.

“We are so confident that we offer both 10 year manufacturing warranty and a 25 year performance guarantee,” says Perry Jackson, General Manager of Photovoltaic Systems at Mitsubishi Electric. “Customers can also rest assured that we have built both safety and eco-friendliness into every panel.”

A quad-layer protective junction box provides a high level of safety and each module includes three bypass diodes which reduce shading losses and help to maintain high output power levels.  As standard, the modules include a lower slope frame, built-in centre protection bar for increased frame strength and enhanced water drainage structure. They are also compatible with the majority of mainstream mounting systems and roof types.
Add in the half-cut cells, fine grid electrodes, and cerium-free, high transmittance anti-reflective glass and Jackson is confident that these additional models will deliver the performance that customers expect.

“Despite a slowdown in the PV market, there is business out there for companies that have proven that they are in the sector for the long-term,” he explains.  “We’ve seen the market settle down now and customers are looking further than just FIT rates,” he explains.

Mitsubishi Electric modules are manufactured to ISO14001 using lead-free soldering techniques and the stronger improved frame allows short side fastening, with output power tolerances of +3%.

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