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Di-LOG SL300 Solar PV Installer Test Kit

The SL300 is a professional Solar PV test kit designed to assist in the installation of Solar PV systems.  The kit includes the SL102 - Irradiance Meter and the DL6402 – AD/DC Current Clamp all packaged in a soft carry case.

The SL102, with its Multimeter like design, enables you to perform safe and accurate measurements, even when working at heights. The SL102 also features a dual display which allows you to simultaneously record the Irradiance level and Voltage output (VOC) with the panel connected in situ via SLLSC4 – 4mm MC4 lead set provided.

SL102 - Features:
• Solar Irradiance measurement to 1999 W/m2 or 634BTU/ft2*h
• Dual Display for simultaneous Irradiance and Voltage (VOC) measurement for in situ testing
• Min/Max recording function
• Auto Hold
• AC/DC Voltage to 600V
• Audible Continuity and Diode test
• AC/DC current to 200mA (Not to be used f*or PSC)
• SLLSC4 – 4mm MC4 Red/Black lead set for VOC measurement
• Carry Case

DL6402 -Features:
• Audible Continuity
• MC4 Red/Black lead set for VOC measurement
• Temperature thermocouple and K-Type adaptor supplied
• Frequency and capacitance
• 30 mm jaw opening
• 1000 AC/DC Current reading
• Electronic overload protection
• A large easy to see back lit display
• AC/DC voltage up to 600V

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