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New MCS Solar PV Test Kit Includes Special Datalogging and Downloading Capabilities

MCS Solarlink Test KitThe latest solar PV electrical installation test kit from Seaward Solar enables contractors to meet the requirements of MCS MIS 3002, quickly, thoroughly and effectively.

The new MCS Solarlink Test Kit includes all the necessary test equipment and datalogging capabilities needed to perform pre-installation site surveys and measure the electrical safety and performance of PV systems.

The kit combines the comprehensive electrical commissioning test capabilities of the new PV150 solar installation handheld tester with the advanced Solar Survey 200R multifunction PV survey meter.

Special wireless Solarlink connectivity between the two instruments enables real-time irradiance to be displayed and measured at the same time as electrical testing is being undertaken.

This means that irradiance, module and ambient temperature can be recorded in real time within the PV150 as the electrical tests are conducted.

Once testing is completed, the USB download of time and date stamped test results, irradiance and temperature measurements provides full traceability and speeds up the completion of PV system documentation and customer handover packs.

In addition to solar PV system installation and commissioning, the new MCS Solarlink Test Kit is ideal for conducting site surveys of potential installations, by quickly providing the information needed to calculate estimated annual solar irradiation and system yields of PV and solar thermal systems, as described in SAP 2009, Appendices H and M.

As well as the PV150 and the Solar Survey 200R and associated calibration certificates, the comprehensive kit includes an AC/DC current clamp, MC4 and Sunclix test lead adaptors and test probes – with a quick start instruction guide and video.

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