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New CPD Offers Insight into Integrating PV

A new RIBA certified CPD titled Integrated Photovoltaics is now available from UK PV manufacturer Romag.

Market leaders in roof and building integrated PV solutions, Romag has developed the informative one hour session to give architects and specifies an in-depth understanding of integrated PV solutions and how they can be used in buildings to meet today’s increasingly stringent efficiency targets.

The presentation aims to give an understanding of solar PV technology, its applications, specifically roof and building integrated photovoltaics and the UK Feed in Tariff.

Having previously supplied PV to several high profile commercial BIPV projects including City Hall in London, The Eden Project and Kings Cross Railway station, Romag is well placed to share its experience and advise construction industry professionals on this increasingly relevant topic.

David Papworth, sales director at Romag, said: “With an ever growing focus on sustainable construction via Building Regulations, planning requirements and the Code for Sustainable Homes, building integrated PV offers a powerful solution for architects and designers.

“From refurbishments and renovations through to new build projects, PV can be incorporated into almost any building project and our new CPD aims to demonstrate this.”

BIPV is suited to a wide range of applications and can be integrated into vertical glazing, pitched glazing, canopies or walkways as well as glazed roofs such as atria and sloping slate and tile roofs. PowerGlaz glass/glass laminates can be single or double glazed, and will fit easily into most proprietary glazing systems.

The new CPD session has been classified under the following core curriculum categories, Designing and building it:  design, construction, technology and engineering and Climate: Sustainable Architecture.  The Curriculum has been created by RIBA to ensure key architectural skills are covered in CPD activities and as a RIBA certified seminar the new Romag seminar earns double points towards statutory learning targets for RIBA members.

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