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Environmental Technology Students Take Advantage of SELECT’s Industry-leading Courses

SELECT, the authoritative trade body for the electrotechnical industry inScotland, is once again illustrating its commitment to the renewable energy revolution by creating tailored courses focusing on the latest developments in the industry.

The courses, which will be held in SELECT's custom-built training centre at The Walled Garden, Bush Estate, Midlothian, will be aimed primarily at the electrical trade but, in recognition of the anticipated level of interest, they will also be open to a wider, lay audience.

The bespoke courses, which have just completed pilots for trainers, will have SQA approval and will cover a comprehensive range of renewable technologies.

The full course will lead to a Certificate in Environmental Technologies and will concentrate on the issues surrounding generation of energy through solar photo-voltaic panels.

Dave Forrester, SELECT's Head of Services, said: “We are confident that once again there will be an enthusiastic take-up of the Certificate course. Renewable energy is at the forefront of people's energy thinking these days and the benefits to be derived from it are not only of interest to electrotechnical professionals.”

The first part of the Certificate course, which will be held initially over two days, will be open to anyone with an interest in the applications of the new technologies. It will be deliberately broad based, covering subjects such as solar photovoltaic, wind and hydro microgeneration , solar thermal systems, rainwater harvesting, grey water recycling and small-scale combined heat and power systems.

The latter part of the course will be open only to people who meet the Level 3 SVQ entry requirements - effectively people already working in the electrotechnical sector - and will cover solar photovoltaic systems in greater technical depth.

Dave Forrester added: "SELECT's courses have gained a strong reputation within the sector, because they are relevant, practical and based on the experience of some of the foremost experts in the field.

"Scotland is on the brink of a renewables revolution and has the capacity to become a world leader in the technologies which will underpin the future of human activity. These courses are designed to increase the sum of knowledge about a subject which is of significant importance to us all."

For more information please contact David Wright, Head of External Affairs at SELECT, the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Scotland,tel. 0131 445 5577.

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